PUBLIC APOLOGY: Why I left the blogosphere + why I'm BACK!

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Dearest clients, fans, friends, + family,

I owe you an apology. 

I have been inconsistent and sloppy. These are NOT traits that I wish to have associated with me or my business. So I'm starting over. It's been well over a year or so since I wrote my last blog post and just flat-out I'm ashamed at how disorganized I've gotten. I won't lie to you, there has been quite the learning curve for me since starting up my own business -- considering it was never supposed to turn into an actual "business!" When this whole thing started I was simply trying to avoid paying the high prices (that I now charge!) for newborn photography. I had been an artist my entire life and had worked with photoshop since I was a freshman in high school, so paying hundreds of dollars to someone for a service that I was capable of myself just wasn't going to happen. That Christmas I requested my very first DSLR and began happily taking pictures of my baby, blissfully ignorant to the path that would soon follow.

Long story short -- I went from taking MY baby's pictures, to my FRIEND'S baby's pictures, to THEIR friend's baby's pictures. Then my sister-in-law requested senior portraits and I went from HERS, to her FRIEND'S, and then had MORE friends request an engagement shoot! A year later I was shooting their WEDDING (after doing LOTS of research and second shooting assignments, of course!) and before I knew it, my schedule was packed and I was officially making a living as a professional photographer.

The speed at which this all happened (and the timing -- I was a BRAND NEW mom!) made me furiously study and practice the art of photography because I wanted to be sure that I was delivering a high quality product to my customers. I was going to be DAMNED before I let them call me a "fauxtographer" (I'm an ARTIST damn-it!!)  Unfortunately, I never really stopped to think about or learn more about the BUSINESS side of things while throwing myself into my new medium. The whole experience was a bit like trying to take a sip of water -- out of a fire hose.

Days, weeks, and months were flying by and I felt as if I was on a roller coaster ride. It was feast or famine, if we had money -- we spent money! If we needed money -- I was trying my hardest to make some. There was never a break, never a rest. I am available 24/7 to my clients, which means I work 24/7 for my clients. I was always editing, emailing, or uploading and really began to neglect the entrepreneurial and business side of things which resulted in a lack of workflow, organization, and sanity. 

I really am absolutely LOVING what I do but I know that if I want to make this into something sustainable, that I HAVE to make some changes.

So that's exactly what I've done!

Let's talk about what's new and different at SRW Joyce Photography -- First of all, mini sessions are no longer available a la carte. My mini sessions will now take the form of CONCEPT SHOOTS and will be available for 1-2 days every month. The "concept shoots" are THEMED sessions (eek! So exciting!) for which props have already been purchased. (Think mermaids, superheroes, artists, holiday, etc!) You will be required to place a $50 retainer to hold a 30 minute time slot and I will be offering print collections in addition to your online gallery.

Full sessions now come in "Standard" or "Deluxe" and include a crucial pre-session consultation in the privacy of your own home. Once I've gotten to see where the photos will be hung, I can more easily envision the colors and landscape that would best accompany your personal style. I'll know exactly where we should go for your session and will even be able to suggest wardrobe. Deluxe sessions include everything that a standard session offers, as well as the opportunity to pick two more service options from the Luxe Menu. Options include hair + makeup, canvas installation, gallery room styling, or even a "post session treat" -- this is a great addition to any session because it gives everyone something to look forward to once we're done shooting. Do you like coffee? Do the kids like ice cream? Maybe you'd like shots of you and your family at the ice cream parlor? We can make it a IN-SESSION treat instead! 

(If you're a returning customer and I already know you and have seen the inside of your home, please feel free to contact me regarding an a la carte mini session -- Many of my clients have become good friends and I would never want to "outgrow" their budget!)

Please note: LIFEstyled sessions with no props or posing are also still available for purchase and start at $250 for 1-2 hours.




All of my wedding packages now include a complimentary
mini engagement session so that we can get to know each other
(and get you used to being in front of my camera) -- they also
come with a gifted 11x14 framed print and a USB of all images in
high resolution and web ready format for you to use. The USB
drive comes packaged in an adorable custom photo box filled with
three (3) small vials that contain tiny remnants and memories
my team and I have collected throughout your day. 



SRW Joyce Photography now offers collections with a variety
options and albums available at discounted prices

Collections range from $200-$1500



You choose which print collection, canvas, or album sizes that you'd
like and your guests can now purchase them for you as wedding gifts!
They can even make a general monetary contribution towards to your 
wedding photography, these gifts would be applied to the final
amount due -- This is a great way to get some assistance from
your loved ones with if you're getting married on a budget! 



Chloe + Isabel jewelry is custom designed in NYC by a team of artists. 
It really represents my style and the type of accessories I love to work with
when I'm shooting. I've recently become a merchandiser for them so that I
can provide my brides and their bridesmaids with beautiful accessories that
they love to wear and I love to shoot! Each piece is 100% hypoallergenic
(you're welcome to my sensitive skinned sistas!) and is 
also nickel free
and lead safe. They're so confident in their product that they also boast
a 30 day cash back and lifetime replacement guarantee.



TO MY BRIDES: Be sure to ask me about booking a sexy boudoir shoot a month or two before your big day so you can surprise him that morning with his own personal spank book -- an AMAZING 4x4 leather-bound mini album that fits perfectly in any nightstand drawer! Show him what a lucky man he is and what he has to look forward to later that night and he'll surely be waiting at the end of that aisle with visions of his future wife dancing through his head!!! (P.S. This is a great option to book as a group -- perfect for the start to anyone's bachelorette party!! Sessions can take place in your own home or in a nearby hotel suite. Hair + makeup is available.)


Stay tuned for more exciting changes around here -- I'm always learning and always growing!

I also hereby promise to blog more regularly and to adhere to a business schedule! The more I am able to simplify and get myself organized, the more I will be able to focus on providing the superior customer service that I so desperately wish to be known for. Like I said before, I am very much a one woman show and I am self-teaching, practicing, and improving my skill set every. single. day. If I can successfully combine my artistic visions and talents with a knowledge of basic business practices and get organized, I will soon be unstoppable!! Here's to 2014 being the best year ever!!!



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