HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :: Danielle + Ryan

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Let's be friends.

That's my motto. My mantra.

It's everything about how I run my business.

I've always been hired by friends or by people who I could see as friends. Danielle and Ryan were those kind of people. They had originally hired me to do a family shoot for them -- something funky and different. Modern. The more we talked about their vision, the more I knew I was going to love working with them (and I was right.) They had an adorably rambunctious son named Liam who reminded me SO MUCH of MY son Liam (which we have still yet to get them together!) and they had another ridiculously cute little one, named Declan. They were FUN and I had a total blast during that first session together. It was also then that I realized they were not yet married (SCORE!) and was hoping that at some point I would get asked to shoot their wedding.

So you can IMAGINE how excited I was to finally get that call -- we first got together and shot an engagement session creekside around Armory Square. Another GREAT time that ended with a stop at The Blue Tusk. (My favorite. I was preggers at the time, so no drinks for me -- but I brought home some damn good food.) It was so nice to get out with them and have some adult time on the town! We were cursing and drinking (okay, like I said, no drinks for me but we were in a drinking ATMOSPHERE and it was amazeballs.) This just set the tone and got me even more excited for their big day.

And let me tell you -- it did NOT let me down. Theirs has got to be one of my absolute favorite weddings, STILL to this date. It was like stepping out of Syracuse, NY and stepping right into Italy! Everything took place at Francesca's Cucina in Little Italy which is located just outside of Downtown Syracuse. It's a great little hole in the wall restaurant with a patio dining area that looks like something from an Italian fairytale. Brick walls laced with ivy that sprawled over pergolas that were strung with vintage string lights. The flowers were soft and velvety, adorning each of the table in different vintage glassware and mini vases. There was a small area for the ceremony directly in between the tables for dining and a small fire pit surrounded by comfy chairs and sofas. It was warm and inviting. The perfect place for an intimate wedding.

The most difficult thing about being pregnant during the 2014 wedding season was trying not to cry -- I barely held it together during this ceremony. Danielle and Ryan are one of those couples who have truly paid their dues and deserve nothing but happiness from this point forward. Their love story is inspiring and their wedding was simply magical.

(Even down to the MAGICIAN they had walking around entertaining the tables!!! Best idea ever!!!)


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VENUE: Francesca's Cucina // SECOND SHOOTER: Renee Rorer // MAGICIAN: Dan Uzunoff // FLORIST: Whistlestop Florist


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