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THROWBACK :: Happy Belated Anniversary

July 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

           In an effort to catch everyone up on what happened this past year while I was pregnant, I'm trying to go back and blog all of my weddings and favorites sessions as "throwbacks." These two were married on July 12, 2014 -- I had recently found out that I was pregnant and had a bitty baby belly that I was trying to keep under wraps since I knew half of their guests.

          I've known the bride since high school, but never really hung out with her until we were both in college and I spent some time within her circle of friends. She was one of the most outgoing and caring people I had ever met -- always the "Mother Hen." She was forever looking out for her friends and was the first person to lend a hand if a lost duckling had "too much to drink." She has an iron clad pack of friends that have been pals for decades, most of them growing up together. (I've always admired those groups of friends, being a bit of a loner myself.) I was super excited when she contacted me about her upcoming nuptials and had a fantastic time shooting the complimentary engagement session with her and her new fiance. Once I met him I could see it instantly. They were totally going to work. He was so goofy and sweet. I felt like he needed someone like her to bring him down once in awhile -- to act like an adult and be serious, but she totally needed someone like him to bring out her goofy side and make her laugh. 

          Their wedding was personal and sweet -- the ceremony was held on the lawn at her parent's house on Otisco Lake in Marietta, NY and then the reception followed at the Marietta House up the road. The bride and her bridesmaids arrived to the ceremony via pontoon boat. She was greeted by her father and ring bearer who waited patiently on the dock. One by one, the bridesmaids ascended up the stairs and met the groomsmen at the top where they proceeded down the aisle together. They had a simple and touching ceremony. Their mothers combined "his" and "hers" mason jars filled with sand into a larger jar labeled "ours." Their friends cried through touching readings as the groom sweetly reassured their dog with several ear scratches that everything was alright. Once the ceremony was over, the party began at the Marietta House. After some HILARIOUS speeches, that is. I must say, this was my only wedding so far where the speech has contained a powerpoint. (Kudos to you, Ms Maid of Honor!) To the bride and groom, thank you for having us capture your day. We truly had a great time!!


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Second Shooter: Renee Rorer (
Reception Venue: Marietta House


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